Now that you know how attacking works, let’s move on to defending. Suppose an enemy is coming at you for an attack. First off, he’ll do all the skills/abilities rolling crap, then finally the ACV roll. If the enemy fails the ACV roll and you don’t crit fail your defense roll, then you’re done: no damage was done since the attack missed anyway. However, that was the trivial case, so let’s assume the enemy succeeds on the ACV roll. There are several options for defense (assuming you’re not playing a masochist character):

1. Dodge

2. Block

3. Item Defense

Dodge implies you are getting out of the way of the attack, whether it be backflipping backwards or moving your body left to avoid a kick. Add in relevant skills and/or abilities to increase the # for your DCV and make your DCV roll appropriate to the kind of attack (physical vs magic). If you succeed a dodge roll then voila you don’t take any damage. However, if you fail a dodge roll, then you take full damage.

Meanwhile, with Block, you don’t run away from the hit, but you try to deflect the attack. Likewise, after adding in relevant skill/ability modifiers to your DCV, you must roll equal to or less than your DCV. Just like with dodge, if you succeed the block defense, then you take no damage. However, if you fail the block roll, you won’t take full damage (unlike dodge).

Item Defenses, such as shields or items that activate force fields, will do the defense for you; however, just like you players, they have HP as well, and once their defense goes, the item goes.


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