The Main Stats

Start off with 21 character points. Max for a stat is 10. Must have at least 1 in each stat.

Body represents the physical aspects: strength, HP, endurance, quickness, agility, dexterity.

Mind represents mental abilities: intelligence, retention of past and present knowledge, as well as recall of skills, able to gather info at a scene quickly.

Soul represents will and determination, and once in a while a bit of luck. Can be used at higher scores for going beyond your normal limits in and out of battle. Also represents empathy and a bit of the supernatural…

HP = (Body + Soul) * 10.

MP = (Mind + Soul) * 10.

Shock Value = Total HP / 2. If you sustain a hit that takes shock value (half or more than your total health), then you suffer more than a cut or bruise; the consequences will last more than a round and should be taken care of immediately.

The Main Stats

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